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Assessment Services

Selecting the best person for a role whilst ensuring they suit your organisationís culture and values can be challenging. Have you ever regretted a recruitment decision? The wrong selection decision costs time and money. Adisa assessment services can help you save time, reduce cost, recruit the right people and increase employee retention through:

  • Job Analysis & Competency Framework: Adisa uses different job analysis techniques and designs competency frameworks to identify the right skills, knowledge and behaviours for any given role. This is the fundamental building block to developing successful assessment processes.
  • Assessment Centre Design & Delivery: Research shows that well designed and managed assessment centres are the optimal means of predicting successful job performance. Adisa assessment centres use a range of exercises & tools to objectively measure a candidate's suitability for a role. Interviews, written exercises, role-plays and psychometric tests (see Adisa Psychometrics) are examples of some of the tools used to ensure a valid, reliable and successful process.
  • Competency-based Interviews: Although the interview is the most common means of selecting an individual, it can be prone to bias which impacts its effectiveness. Adisa will work with you to ensure your interviews are valid, objective and reliable.
  • Assessor and Interview Skills Training: Inexperienced or unskilled assessors are a key factor in reducing the validity and effectiveness of assessment processes. Adisa provides training workshops in order to ensure validity, increase inter-rater reliability and reduce subjectivity.
  • Statistical Evaluation and Validation of Assessment: Using qualitative and quantitative methods Adisa can evaluate the validity, reliability and fairness of your selection processes and how they are perceived by the candidates and assessors.

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Working with Adisa has helped us ensure our assessment centre processes are valid, fair and objective. HR Business partner, Selfridges.