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Development Services

Successful organisations understand their employee’s strengths and how to maximise their potential. Not challenging or developing your employees may leave them feeling demotivated, undervalued and looking for opportunities elsewhere. Adisa will work with you to identify the most appropriate development programme to get the best out of your people.

  • Development Centre Design & Delivery: Adisa development centres, like assessment centres, identify an individual’s strengths & development needs. In addition, coaching (see Adisa Business Coaching) and feedback is provided throughout the centre enabling the individual to practise new skills & behaviours and construct a development plan.
  • 360° Feedback: This process evaluates employee performance by gathering feedback from the individual’s managers, peers, team members and customers.The purpose is to understand how the individual is perceived by others, review strengths and make a plan to address any gaps. Adisa is able to use off-the-shelf 360° feedback products or design bespoke instruments for specific organisational needs.
  • Career and personality testing: These tools can be used as part of a development programme (see Adisa Psychometrics).
  • Team Events and Away Days: Adisa can provide events and away days designed to build or enhance effective teams.

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I found the training and development day we had with Adisa very exploratory into how myself and my colleagues were feeling about pushing the business forward. It was a motivating exercise and a good team building day. Thank you. Jane Pett, The Complete Lunch.