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Psychometric Services

Adisa business psychologists are licensed to use a variety of psychometric tests which are an objective and fair method of selecting and developing staff, helping to remove bias and discrimination. These tools are among the best single predictors of job performance and are even more powerful when combined with other selection methods. Adisa only use tests approved by the British Psychological Society.

Psychometric tests can be used in:

Adisa uses the following types of psychometrics:

  • Personality Testing: a powerful method of predicting how someone will typically behave.
  • Ability Testing: measures aptitudes such as how someone will perform when solving problems or reasoning with verbal information.
  • Interest Inventory: helps to identify the types of work to which someone would be suited.
  • 360 Degree Feedback: gathers feedback from numerous sources, typically peers, managers and customers (see Adisa Development Services)

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Adisa provided Jobfinders Recruitment Limited with psychometric profiling to assist in our recruitment process. This tool enabled us to recruit the ideal candidate for our position, whom is now an integral part of the team. Miranda Etherington, Associate Director, recruitment agency.